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This blog is the Extend London Hair Extension Guide to help you out with all things hair extensions. 

To simplify, it's your own hair but a bit thicker and longer. You can refer back to this blog whenever you are unsure.

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10. Pregnancy and extensions

Getting extensions during pregnancy usually does no harm at all. One thing I must highlight though is the major hormone changes you can...

8. Drying your extensions

Before detangling we advise you to use a leave in conditioning spray and/or a small amount of oil. Make sure the extensions are dried...

7. Washing your extensions

Its recommended to wash your extensions 1-2 times a week. More frequently isn’t a bad thing. If you have time to wash and dry your hair...

6. How to look after your TAPES

Tapes are small wefts of hair with sticky tabs at the top, 2 tapes are used to sandwich your natural hair between them. Maintenance Tapes...

5. How to look after your WEAVE

Weaves are strips of hair cut to the width of your head then sewn to a base, this base is created with a line of metal silicone lined...

2. On the day of the appointment

What do you need to do on the day of your appointment? Just clean, straight, dry hair please! If your hair is in need of a wash, you will...

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Need to know more?

The Information Hub will tell you everything you need to know from methods to aftercare and FAQs or you can give me a message.

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