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11. Important things to remember with your hair extensions

Updated: Jan 10

Avoid colouring the hair extensions

I do not recommend colouring, tinting or perming the extension hair your self as these types of products contain elements that can damage the extension hair and even though our extensions are 100% human hair. Doing so will void returns policy on faulty goods. This means if the hair was faulty (matting, bushy, excessively knotty, shedding) the supplier is not liable.


The more heat you use on the hair extension the shorter the life span of the hair, treat your extensions with the same respect as you would with you own natural hair. Try to keep the curling and straightening to a minimum.

Lighter shades Lighter Shades may have a slightly shorter life span than darker shades on average. The lighter shades will need extra care and less heat application to increase the lifespan. Colours can fade over time and it will happen quicker if the hair is drying out from heat damage or excessive washing!

Be careful with silver shampoo

It can grab very quickly and make blonde extensions blue real quick! Use at your own risk. Water it down if you need to use silver shampoo and be extra careful. Silver shampoo can dry the extensions out over time.

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