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Extensions are more than just implementation. Find out about the Extend London experience below.

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The consultation is essential. I'm often asked if we can skip this part and move straight on to the fit. However, this is not possible and a consultation is needed at least 1 week before your fitting appointment.

A good in-depth consultation will enable us to achieve a magical set of extensions that you are happy with. We will discuss in detail, what your dream hair outcome is and how I can achieve it in the safest possible way. We will establish what length, colour, thickness and method you'd like to go for and I can alleviate any worries by answering any general questions you may have and get you booked in for your fitting. 

Consultations will last up to 30 minutes and you'll be provided with a non-obligational quote but a deposit can be taken on the day to secure your chosen fitting appointment.  


Colour matches are my speciality. We can stick to your natural colour or get creative by adding and mixing colours for a NO BLEACH transformation.  

Once you have been colour matched at the consultation you cannot change it before your fitting. No.. not even a purple shampoo. So please make sure you are happy with the colour of your hair before booking an appointment. 

If you are unhappy with the colour of your natural hair and want to change it, I work alongside a colour specialist who can also be present at your consultation. We will work together to achieve a perfect match to your chosen extension colour.


The EXCITING bit! - The day of your fitting appointment.  You'll arrive with clean, dry, straight hair and we will take lots of pictures and videos of your 'before' hair to show you at the end of your transformation. 

During the fitting, we will discuss the aftercare guide that I will have sent you after the consultation to ensure you understand how to take care of your new hair. 

Once the extensions have been fitted, I will make sure they feel comfortable and then blend to perfection (if extra blending is needed this would have been discussed at the consultation).

Find out about each method.


After the fit, we're ready to style!

After attending many well-known styling courses and having the best tools in the biz, I will create something special that lasts for days! 

The styling options are: 

  • Mermaid Waves 

  • Loose Waves

  • Bouncy NO Blow-dry

  • Straight & Flicky


Maintenance is due every 6-8 weeks depending on what method you have and the density of your natural hair. Maintenance is 1-2 hours; you are also able to book your maintenance at your fitting appointment so you get the slot you want!

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Need to know more?

The Information Hub will tell you everything you need to know from methods to aftercare and FAQs or you can give me a message.

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