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6. How to look after your TAPES

Updated: Jan 10

Tapes are small wefts of hair with sticky tabs at the top, 2 tapes are used to sandwich your natural hair between them.


Tapes need re fitting every 6-8 weeks on average depending on your own hair growth and hair thickness. If your hair grows quick, it may be better to have them done sooner. If your hair is finer you may see the tapes through your hair as they grow down.

You need to look after the top of the tapes to avoid them peeling apart so please do not use any oils or oily products on your scalp.

Do not put any heat tools on the top where the sticky tabs are like straighteners or curlers this will melt the tape in to your hair.

If you're a regular gym go-er be aware of your scalp getting hot and sweaty, don't worry it's still possible to have them but just make sure your brushing, separating and giving it a quick blast at the root with a hair drier.


The most important.. you must not go to bed with wet or damp hair. You must fully dry your hair once it has been washed Your hair will fuse together at the root and get matted.

Avoid washing your hair for a few days after installation to ensure the tape has set well.

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