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Here you can read more about each method of extensions that Extend London provide. You will have an in-depth assessment of your natural hair at your consultation to determine which method is the safest for you natural hair.

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Weave is fast becoming the most popular and safest method in the industry. It has evolved a lot since the outdated braiding method. There is no plaiting involved and instead, small beads are used to create a track and then the weft is sewn onto this track. 

The wefts I use are specially designed, they are not wide at all meaning flatter non-bulky weave can be achieved.

Weave is a strip of hair which means because there are no gaps, you can use the same amount of hair as any other method but weave will always look the fullest & thickest. 

Good news for you, weave is suitable for all types of hair. 


If you are worried about your hair being thin around your face and want extra discreet extensions when wearing your hair up, The Hybrid Method is for you. 

Hybrid is simply weave fitted to the back of the hair for extra thick looking extensions, with a few micro rings or tapes fitted around the front. 

Fitting time

Initial: 1hr 30min / 2 hours 

Maintenance: 1 hour

Maintenance requirement

Every 8 weeks


A timeless classic. Small beads attach each individual strand to your hair. No glue or heat is used at Extend London - it’s a huge no-go here!

If you need extra blending to transform shorter layers into long luscious locks, micro rings are your best friend. Because of how tiny they are, a micro ring can be placed much higher and closer to the hairline, meaning a better blend for those broken sides. 

Fitting time

Initial: 2 hours / 2hrs 30min

Maintenance: 2hours / 2hrs 30min

Maintenance Requirement

8 weeks


The quickest method on the market! For those of you that want an express service, tapes will be your go-to choice! 

Forget what you may have heard, tapes are also a non-glue method. Think of them as a kind of sellotape rather than glue. Tapes are attached to a larger section of your hair which is sandwiched between 2 tapes. They are perfect for thinner hair wanting maximum thickness. 

Root mimic tapes are the most discreet version of tapes available. Due to this, I have decided to only supply Remi Cachet branded tapes, which are more pricey as they are the highest quality available. 

Fitting time

1 hour / 1hr 30min


6-8 weeks 


I am trained in all methods of extensions except cold fusion. Therefore, I am insured to remove ALL types of extensions. 

I have chosen to only provide the above 3 methods because of the damage I have seen happen whilst wearing alternative methods.

I will only fit the methods I believe are the safest for your natural hair.

Need to know more?

The Information Hub will tell you everything you need to know from methods to aftercare and FAQs or you can send me a message.

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