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1. What happens before the appointment?

Updated: Jan 10

So by now you will have had a consultation. The consultation is essential for both of us to get on the same page about what you want to achieve and how I can make that happen to the best of my ability.

Don't cut you're hair after the consultation

We will have established what length, colour, thickness and method you want to go for. Once this is decided, it's locked in. Don't go changing your colour or having hair cuts in between consultation and fitting because it can dramatically effect the outcome.

For example, your natural hair is long and ends are wispy and fine. You wanted two inches of length gain so we are only using a small amount of hair to thicken. If you then get a hair cut which blunts and thickens your own hair, you may require far more hair to accommodate your newly shaped hair.

Watch out for silver shampoo or colour fading

Silver shampooing your own hair after the consultation may throw off your match and you may need an ashier blonde shade of hair. If you're a freshly died brunette and then fade over a 6 week period, we may have had a chat about how much your colour fades and chosen a colour to accommodate some fading.

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