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9. Brushing/Styling your extensions

Updated: Jan 10


Your extensions are attached to your own natural hair, pulling too hard or mistreating your extensions can result in your own hair being pulled out.

Brushing tips

  • The only brush you should use near to your extension bonds is a soft bristle brush or tangle tamer - meaning the brush gently glides over the extensions.

  • When brushing the extensions always hold the top of the Extentions , making sure no additional stress is put on the hair.

  • The extension attachment Is most fragile when wet take extra car when brushing.

  • Wait until you’ve blasted the hair off a little before you start blow drying with a brush.

  • Tie your hair back in a loose ponytail or plait using a soft scrunchie for bed.


Styling your new weave can be a lot of fun but please understand your extensions are fitted in your head to suit the majority of hair styles but mainly down. Half up half down styles and slick high pony's may be more difficult to cover the extensions, you have to be realistic that you have something foreign in your hair especially if you have finer hair. I will of course fit them as discreetly as your hair will allow me to - they will not be seen when your hair is worn down.

Heated Rollers, Straightening Irons, crimpers and tongs can all be used on the extension hair although it is advised to use a Heat Protection Spray EVERY TIME you use heat to protect both your hair and the extension hair. When using these tools do not put them directly on to the extension attachments (roots of the extensions) they are made from plastics that will melt if direct high heat is applied to them.

Dry styling is a completely safe way of styling, this is the perfect way to eliminate any damage to both your natural hair and extensions meaning your extensions will last their whole expected life span. An example of this is the heatless curl headband, which has become the new craze - one we wont be regretting in years to come ha!

Styling products like hairsprays, texture sprays and root boosters can be used just make sure your washing these out correctly to avoid any product build up.

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