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12. Holidaying with your hair extensions

Updated: Jan 10

Vaycay with your extensions is always going to be at your own risk. Saying that, if you do go away with them in (like hundreds of my clients have) then have a thorough read through this section. This is to be followed on top of your usual aftercare regime.

I would advise you avoid getting your hair wet in the sea/pool whilst on holiday


Prolonged water exposure especially with chemicals may weaken the extension attachment. Chlorine in pools and salt in the sea combined with added heat from the sun can also cause the extension hair, especially blondes and balayage colours, to severely discolour and deteriorate their condition.

Foreign water may also contain a high hard water content, meaning the water in your hotel shower may even add to discolouration!

Please take the following precautions whilst on holiday:

  1. Buy a Malibu C wellness kit before you go, this kit has a shampoo, a conditioner and 4 sachets of hard water treatment - this will remove any discolouration.

  2. Avoid getting any SPF near your extensions, it would probably be best to wear your hair up and out the way before you apply any products to your body and leave it like that for the rest of the day.

  3. Use a mineral based suncream ONLY, non mineral based suncreams with the ingredient ‘Avobenzone’ will discolour your extensions drastically turning them orange or even pink.

  4. If you do decide to get your hair wet in the sea/pool you will need to brush through your hair to ensure its tangle free DO NOT get in to the water with knotty hair - it will matt together. Saturate your hair with bottled water so its completely wet then run a conditioner through before getting it wet this will act as a barrier to the chemicals and salt. Then please make sure you wash your hair with the malibu c kit mentioned above as soon as you can and dry it completely - you may need a hair mask too if your feels extra dry and knotty.

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