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13. Product recommendations for your hair extensions

Updated: Jan 10

These are the ONLY products I recommend for your extensions, If you use any products that I haven't recommend your extensions can discolour and have a much shorter life span.


Frequency: Every time you wash your hair Brand: Pureology, Remi Cachet, Hair Kings


Frequency: Daily if hair is feeling dry, if not every few days to keep hair feeling soft MoroccanOil LIGHT Treatment Oil

Extend London The Remedy Oil

Remi Cachet Hair Oil

Heat protector Frequency: To use ANY TIME you put heat on your hair. Hairdryer, straighteners, tongs .. if it’s hot put it on! Excessive heat will burn and dry the hair just like your natural hair. The life span will shorten the more heat you use. GHD heat protector

Extend London The 5in1 Miracle Mist

MoroccanOil heat protector


Frequency: General use Brand: Denman

Product: Tangle Tamer I DO NOT recommend a tangle teezer, the bristles are not long enough to brush your extensions correctly.

Hair treatments Use: Once a Week


Extend London The Mane Recovery Hair Mask

MorrocanOil Intense Hydrating Mask

Toning (silver) Shampoo

Brand: Olaplex

Product: No4 Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

Please take extra caution when using this, extensions will grab far quicker than your own hair.

Blow drying tools

Brand: Babyliss

Product: Big hair


Brand: Revlon

Product: One step dryer

These are not essential just something I'd recommend using instead of styling tools to keep heat to a minimum.

PLEASE avoid any supermarket shampoos. They are not good for your extensions or your own hair. Don’t spend a lot on your weave to use poor quality products .. your weave life span will shorten and it may discolour them and dry them out unnecessarily.

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