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4. How to look after your new MICROS

Updated: Jan 10

Micros are individual strands attached to sections of your hair with a metal silicone lined bead.

Length of wear

Your Micros are to be worn for a maximum of 8 weeks before needing maintenance. The majority of client stretch it to this amount of time but some people do a little less depending on how quickly their hair grows.

Separating strands

Once you've had them fitted, the main thing you must keep on top of is separating them. They will want to twist around each other as they start to grow and if you let them, they're going to get matted.

Another major one You must fully dry your hair once it has been washed Your hair will fuse together at the root and get matted. I will be able to tell at your maintenance if this has happened, there will be an additional matting charge for this.

If you're a regular gym goer, be aware of your scalp getting hot and sweaty. Don't worry it's still possible to have them but just make sure you're brushing, separating and giving them a quick blast at the root with a hair drier.


Maintenance is full removal ring by ring and re-fitted with a new ring. No 'push up' method here as this can cause a lot of damage.

If strands fall out

It's pretty normal to lose a few strands, every head is different. I don't refit these in between maintenance appointments, please save them and they will be refitted during your next appointment.


Avoid washing your hair for a few days after the installation to ensure they have settled in your hair.

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